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  • Créahm is an association whose objective is discovering and displaying art forms produced by people with mental disabilities.
  • MADmusée, Liège, Belgia: museum showcasing art work by people with disabilities.


  • Project Ability is a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation creating opportunities for people with disabilities and people with mental health issues to express themselves and achieve artistic excellence.
  • Art Trek Artists Ltd is a charitable visual arts enterprise in Glasgow. It was set up by Project Ability to provide the group with artistic and administrative support and access to studio space.
  • Carousel   Brighton



  • KCAT in Kilkenny, creates an environment in which artists and students from different backgrounds and abilities can work and create together and in which life long learning is an opportunity for everyone.
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  • Gugging assosiation near Vienna supports and promotes artists, whose works are considered Art Brut. The club also aims to strengthen the position of Art Brut artists in the mainstream art world and strives to see them widely recognized.




  • Inuti skapar möjligheter för konstnärer med funktionsnedsättningar genom att integrera deras arbete i samhällets kulturliv och erbjudar daglig skapande verksamhet för funktionshindrade i Stockholm     Lue esittely
  • Konstskolan LINNEA är en 3-årig eftergymnasial kompletterande utbildning för personer med intellektuell funktionsnedsättning.     Lue esittely




  • Galerie Christian Berst is Paris’s only specialist Art Brut gallery. It has worked tirelessly to promote creators of exceptional talent, exhibiting the “classic” names of Art Brut already featured in museums and collections and discovering the stars of the future.


  • Downtown-Werkstatt: Ein Entstehungsraum für kulturelle und wissenschaftliche Projekte
  • Blaumeier-Atelier: Künstlerischen Kursen in den Bereichen Theater, Masken, Bildende Kunst, Fotografie, Musik und Literatur nehmen über die Woche verteilt mehr als 200 Personen teil.
  • Kunsthaus Kannen, Museum for Outsider Art and Art Brut: studios, collection, workshops and meeting place
    Ohrenkuss ist eine Zeitung gemacht von Menschen mit Down-Syndrom. Ohrenkuss entsteht in der downtown-werkstatt für Kultur und Wissenschaft in Bonn.
  • The Schlumpers are an artists’ group in Hamburg. Today, this group of artists, with differing handicaps and individual artistic attitudes, is celebrated internationally.
  • Die Diakonie Stetten ist eine Einrichtung mit einer langen Tradition. Sie finden hier einen Überblick über die wichtigsten geschichtlichen Meilensteine seit der Gründung der Diakonie Stetten im Jahr 1849 bis heute
  • Kultur vom Rande ist ein Theatertreffen für Baden-Württemberg. Unter dem Motto “Theater kreuz und quer”
  • Der euward, München, European award painting and graphic art for artists with mental disability
  • atelier hpca, München, is an institute for the promotion of mentally handicapped artists. It comprises a studio community of twenty artists, a connected gallery and its own art collection.
  • Museum Prinzhorn Collection, Heidelberg. Exhibitions, events
  • Sammlung von Charlotte Zander, Bönnigheim. Eine weltweit einzigartige Sammlung in der Kombination von Kunst der Naive, Art Brut und Outsider Art.


  • fehlerpfleger, Basel, Wir wollen vom Kultur-Gastarbeiter in einer Institution zur Vernetzung mit Menschen und Kultur ausserhalb der Behindertenszene führen
  • Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, is deeply committed to discovering, researching and preserving “completely pure artistic operation, raw, brute, and entirely reinvented in all of its phases solely by means of the artist’s own impulses art on the fringes of mainstream artistic practices.
    Museum im Lagerhaus, St. Gallen. Stiftung für schweizerische Naive Kunst und Art Brut. Foundation and museum dedicate themselves to increasing awareness and understanding of the different aspects of Outsider Art


  • GAIA Museum of Outsider Art, Randers C, exhibits and disseminates information about Outsider art – original art that can turns our way of thinking upside down.       – lue esittely
  • Bifrost, Randers C, Fof’s art school for the mentally handicapped. Bifrost gives the students the opportunity of being a part of an artistic environment where they can develop their skills, work in depth and discover new means of expressing themselves.         – lue esittely
  • Kunstnerhuset Karavana, Aarhus, er et professionelt teater, band og atelier for voksne med nedsat psykisk og fysisk funktionsevne.      – lue esittely
  • Kunstskolen for Voksne Udviklingshæmmede, København. The Art School offers education to adults with learning disabilities who want to develop their interest in art and to create paintings and sculptures         – lue esittel





  • Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland, serves adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities, providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition and representation and a social atmosphere among peers.
  • Creativity Explored, San Francisco, advances the value and diversity of artistic expression. We provide artists with developmental disabilities the means to create, exhibit, and sell their art in our studios and gallery, and around the world.
  • Gateway Arts, Brookline, Massachusetts, is a nationally and internationally known arts-based vocational rehabilitation service with professional studios, a gallery and a retail store.
  • Headfooters is an art gallery in Cleveland, Ohio featuring local, regional, national, and international outsider art.
  • NIAD’s visual art program, Richmond California, promotes meaningful independent living by artists with disabilities—while its artists create remarkable contemporary art.